My Sailing Adventure: Gothenburg (SE) – Sunderland (UK)

There are those opportunities in life that just drop on your head out of nowhere and you know that you have to take them. So in summer 2018, I got the chance to go on a sailing trip on board of a tall ship, a brig called Fryderyk Chopin. The whole adventure lasted seven days – from 4 July until 11 July 2018. It started in a Swedish city of Gothenburg that we left on 5th July 2018. We took a straight course to Aberdeen in Scotland and reached the shore on 8 July 2018. After staying in Aberdeen for 24 h, we sailed forward to our final destination – Sunderland in England and finished right on time on 11 July 2018. It might seem like a short trip, but time passes differently when you are at sea. For me, it was probably the most challenging and enjoyable adventure of this summer. I cannot put everything in words, but I will try my best to paint a picture of what it means to be a novice sailor on a sailing ship crossing the North Sea.


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My Fudge Up Story #1

It’s been a long time since I have written anything on my blog, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it. In fact, I have been searching for the ‘right’ direction of this blog since I started it last year. I like posting the occasional cake recipe, review or story, but I felt I needed some ‘anchor,’ something that would be my thing. And I think I have finally found it. Inspired by FuckUp Nights movement, I have decided to start writing ‘My Fudge Up Stories’ about all the entertaining failures of my life (and believe me, there are quite a few of those). And no, it won’t be anything work-related or something, it’s just about me being human and screwing up sometimes. I also plan to write at least one fudge up story per month, and maybe develop some kind of writing habit around it (at least, I will try my best). So without further ado (oh yes, I have always wanted to use this expression), it’s time for my first ever Fudge Up story! Continue reading “My Fudge Up Story #1”