Back to the Classics Challenge 2021: Classic by a New-to-Me Author

The one thing I love about joining reading challenges is that I get to discover new authors. More than once, it has lead to new favorite books (plural because there is no such thing as THE favorite book). This year Back to the Classics Challenge hosted by Karen on her Books and Chocolate blog has a special category dedicated to New-to-the-Reader (me) authors. I picked out Winston Graham’s novel Marnie that had been waiting in my TBR pile for more than a year or two. I remember that Marnie was an impulse buy back in the day when taking your time to browse around in a bookstore was still a thing. I love reading a good thriller once in a while, and I figured that Alfred Hitchcock wouldn’t have based his movie on any old boring book. It’s my first read by Winston Graham despite his long list of novels. The name Poldark, however, rings a bell, so I might not be all that hopeless.

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