Almond Cake with Berries

An easy recipe for a tasty cake that will get the right amount of praise on any occasion!

Baking is one of those thing I simply enjoy. It allows me to try out new recipes and occasionally experiment with the old ones, it usually results in something nice, and it normally makes the consumers quite happy. So, it made sense that my first real blog post should be about my latest baking challenge.

Now, I got a cook book as a present for my birthday not so long ago and I have been trying out some recipes ever since. I don’t always follow the ingredients 100% therefore I will give you several options when describing it. This one is a gluten-free cake that I made for a family gathering. And not because someone in my family is gluten sensitive, but because it seemed an easy enough recipe that would still get the necessary amount of ‘wow’ factor. It is probably also worth noting that this cake is better made during the berry season so you could use fresh produce. Continue reading “Almond Cake with Berries”