My European Film Challenge: Winter 2017/2018

Another season, another 10 great European movies – that’s all it took for me to win a chance to go to Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival. I know that the festival will be amazing (and I promise to write a short overview of my highlights afterward), but winner or not – the best thing about this challenge is the additional motivation to watch good movies from different European countries. I think everyone should do it, and I hope the challenge will include new participating countries with each season! In this post, I just want to briefly reflect on my 10 winning movies, so read on if you’re interested.


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My #EuropeanFilmChallenge: Winter/ Spring 2017

For me, the first part of the year has been full of challenges… and this time I’m not talking about my baking. I participated in my first ever short story writing challenge and my second ever European Film Challenge. And I think it’s finally time to give spotlight to 10 wonderful films I watched for my second season of #EuropeanFilmChallenge from January till April 2017.

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