The Berry Season Madness

I love summer, and it’s not only because the weather is nice (it really isn’t this year) or there’s less work (there really isn’t this year). It’s also because it’s the fresh produce season which makes a big difference to anyone who loves cooking or baking with things grown locally. So when I heard that my friends are offering fresh blackcurrants and redcurrants, I signed up to take some off their hands. Little did I know that I will end up with a kitchen loaded with berries and only a couple of free evenings a week later. As I’m not a person to shy away from a challenge, I got creative! Continue reading “The Berry Season Madness”

Chocolate indulgence: brownies with pecan nuts and cranberries

I bet everyone has their own favorite recipe of brownies. I had been looking for mine since the dawn of time (well, my time). It was mostly due to my unstable relationship with chocolate. Don’t get me wrong – it is very stable when it comes to eating chocolate, but not very stable when it comes to baking something with it… But I love brownies and chocolate cake, and… just chocolate! So the time had come to give the brownie challenge another try. This time I used a recipe from BBC Good Food as a base for the experiment, but mixed things up a little bit as usual. As much as I love chocolate, I feel it is somehow wrong to put chocolate in chocolate cake… If you’re with me on this, continue reading (if not, use the original recipe).


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Review: Riga Cake Festival 2017

Any cake lover, upon hearing that there will be a cake festival in their city, marks that date in the callendar with bright red pen! And yes, this was an event I was looking forward to from day one. I also have to admit that my hopes were high, but I tried to stay objective and reign in my critical nature when writing this post as much as I could… Unfortunately, most of my fears came true so proceed with caution (or just scroll down to the highlights section)! That doesn’t mean I didn’t see and taste some fancy cakes. But let’s not get ahead of things…


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Baking Adventures: Cheating at Eclairs

Sometimes I have real adventures or at least adventure-like experiences, but sometimes I have adventures in my kitchen. Those are all the times when I decide to try my hand at baking something I have never baked before. Normally it’s not something easy – I wouldn’t call it adventure if it was. And usually things don’t go as planned – again wouldn’t be an adventure without something going wrong. But this time I was determined to achieve presentable result at all costs… so as more things went wrong, I had to come up with new alternative solutions. The end result probably shouldn’t be called an eclair, but it looked pretty so who cares (if you do then don’t read beyond this point). Continue reading “Baking Adventures: Cheating at Eclairs”

Almond Cake with Berries

An easy recipe for a tasty cake that will get the right amount of praise on any occasion!

Baking is one of those thing I simply enjoy. It allows me to try out new recipes and occasionally experiment with the old ones, it usually results in something nice, and it normally makes the consumers quite happy. So, it made sense that my first real blog post should be about my latest baking challenge.

Now, I got a cook book as a present for my birthday not so long ago and I have been trying out some recipes ever since. I don’t always follow the ingredients 100% therefore I will give you several options when describing it. This one is a gluten-free cake that I made for a family gathering. And not because someone in my family is gluten sensitive, but because it seemed an easy enough recipe that would still get the necessary amount of ‘wow’ factor. It is probably also worth noting that this cake is better made during the berry season so you could use fresh produce. Continue reading “Almond Cake with Berries”