The good, the bad and everything else in between of 2016

I know 2016 seems to be the year everyone wants to see going and not returning. We have lost a lot (and I mean a lot) of great artists even in the last week or so, there have been interesting political decisions (good or bad – we will see in the upcoming years) and some sort of general dissatisfaction with everything in the society (at least I got that kind of feeling). For me personally, after all the changes and big decisions I went through in 2015, the last year has been mostly ok (with exception of one or two episodes). So here what has happened:

  • Big part of my year has gone by focusing on my job. The time had come for me to simply get shit done and I did pull off couple of projects I never thought I would ever do. It was not the best of the best I could have done, but it was the best I could manage in the given situation (which wasn’t brilliant). I am feeling kinda proud of myself. Next year it will get a lot more serious and I say – bring it on!
  • In March, I put a final dot in my doctoral thesis, printed it out and submitted it to uni. The 4-year struggle was finally over. All the free time I had sacrificed on the altar of science was finally mine. Sure, I am still waiting for the reviews and the defense date… but the world is not perfect! I will deal with all that in 2017.
  • My academic achievement was overshadowed by the fact that my mom had a stroke around the same time I sent off my thesis. This is the kinda of thing noone sees coming and it simply throws you… I feel for anyone that has to go through this. We were kinda lucky and the outcome is fairly good, but it could have been much, much worse. And it reminds you in an instant how unexpectadly everything can change…
  • On the brighter side, I finally joined a book club in the summer. Now, I’m attending the book-readers anonymous meetings once a month and I really enjoy them. I love reading and these monthly discussions help to expand my reading horizons.
  • Sometime in autumn I realized I have forgotten how terrible online dating is and decided to give it another try. Wrong decision! It’s like all the terrible men can be found in one place… maybe there is a good one among them, but the terrible ones just kill all the desire to search for one. And yes, if I actually go on a date, I end up with a special case on my hands. I won’t give out details, but an invitation for a second date consisted of going to swimming pool together (which I declined) and that was followed by an invite to go to church on Sunday (which was the last drop). Plan for 2017 – make a social experiment with Tinder (I am ready to write a book on impossible dating situations, just need to gather more material)!
  • Talking about writing books, I took an online course on writing fiction… ok, I am still taking it, but this is something I have been thinking about forever. Hence also the attempt to start a blog. Time has been an issue with both these things as I want to give it all a decent try. Fingers crossed I’ll do better next year!
  • October was marked with a unique opportunity to visit CERN (you know the place with Large Hadron Collider) in Switzerland. No matter what science discipline you come from, this is still a place of amazement for any scientist because they really do serious shit there. Loved the visit, hated being the main organizer. I have a new appreciation for group guides!
  • And this year I gave up online gaming (yeah, I did play strategic online game… and for most of the time I was the only girl among bunch of guys :P). It was time… it wasn’t easy because of the people I played with, but it had to be done. After more than 6 years playing, the game wasn’t exciting anymore and I wanted to dedicate my time to other things. People grow out of things, that’s just basic life.
  • Some regrets: (1) didn’t manage to arrange a visit with my best friend this year, but we have agreed to do better next year; (2) I have to find my way back to music and drumming… this is something I really love, but I have not managed to do in 2016 as much as I wanted; (3) I need to improve on my work/life balance to do better with the previous two and some physical activities. We’ll see, I am not making any promises!

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Don’t make any resolutions, just live your life and try to do what you really like!

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